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Virtual Reverse Scavenger Hunt – Introduction

Welcome to Southminster Presbyterian Church’s first ever Virtual Reverse Scavenger Hunt!

So how does this work? 

On the following pages you will see a closeup image of an object that resides somewhere at Southminster.  Think of where at Southminster these objects can be found.  To see the answer, select the “Show Me!” button.  To see the closeup again, select the “Zoom in” button.  When you want to go to the next image or the previous image use the “<” or the “>” buttons.  To start over, use the “<<” button and to jump to the end, use the “>>” button.

This not a contest nor will any points be awarded.  However, we would love to hear from you about what images surprised you and which ones were obvious.  Use the feedback box at the end to share your findings.

We hope this helps you either remember or learn about spaces around the Southminster building during this time when we cannot physically be there.  Have fun!