Our vision: To be the head, heart and hands of Jesus Christ, driven by God’s love for our church and the world beyond.

Worship with us 10:00 a.m. Sundays
7001 Far Hills Ave. Centerville, OH

Thank you for wanting to volunteer for Southminster VBS! We need a lot of help to make this VBS a special time of Christian formation for our children. This year’s theme is “God’s Big World and Me.”

Our goal this week is to work as a team to educate children and volunteers about the essential tenets of the reformed Faith, nurture relationships with God and community, and equip everyone to become disciples of Jesus Christ, who love and serve their neighbors.

We have various options for you to volunteer, and feel free to ask questions!

Click the areas below to find out more information on each of the areas of VBS. Each station will last around 30-35 minutes.

Safety Guidelines for VBS Volunteers

We will host a training for Southminster’s VBS “God’s Big World and Me” on Sunday, May 23rd at 3:30 pm. The training is for approximately one hour. If you cannot attend, let Josh know, and we will schedule another time to go over the VBS details.

Adult and teenage volunteers will be required to wear face masks at all times. Children will be encouraged but not required to wear face masks. All of VBS will be outdoors on the Southminster property to as a safety precaution against COVID-19.

Please be aware that we need as much help for take-down/clean-up as possible on Friday. It should only last until 2:00 pm.

As a volunteer, you are a leader. Please be aware of your behavior, language, and actions as you will be seen as a role model for everyone at church.

Youth who are looking to help, please choose any of the assistant roles. These roles would be a great spot for you to serve! Also, you can receive community service credit for volunteer service during this time. Just let Josh know, and we will get the paperwork signed that you need.

Everyone must have completed the Child Protection Training by the start of VBS. All adults will need to fill out a Background Check form. You will be sent this information before the May 23rd training.

Details for VBS

Who: Ages 3 years old to rising Grade 6

When: June 7 – June 11. 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Volunteers please arrive by 9:00 a.m.

Where: Southminster Presbyterian Church, 7001 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45459

Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Childcare is only provided for those who volunteer for VBS.


Recreation – this station allows children to move around and get their wiggles out. We’ll have this station located in the upper parking lot, where there will be a mixture of games and team-building activities. We will follow social distance guidelines for each activity. This station is linked with the snack station (which is located between Door 5 and Door 6), so the children will go to snack after the recreation.

Recreation Leader is responsible for working with Josh to implement the recreation activities for each day. We will create activities and games for the younger children (Pre-K to 1st Grade) and another for the older children (2nd-5th Grade). During VBS, you will need to prepare the activity for the day. This will include securing the needed supplies for each day from the resource area, mapping out an organized activity plan, prepping and preparing the items needed in your station, and creating and decorating your area on set-up day, breaking down your area on the last day.

Recreation Assistant is responsible for helping out where the Recreation Leader needs assistance with set-up and tear down each day. During VBS, assist the children in the games station, lining them up, ensuring they listen to directions, and everyone is having fun!

Art Station

Each day, the Art station correlates with the Bible lesson. Art station will be set up in the church pavilion.

Art Station Leader is responsible for working with Josh to create the art project for each day. Throughout May, we’ll meet about the art projects and the supplies that are needed that day for every child. If needed, we will create an art project for the younger children (Pre-K to 1st Grade) and another for the older children (2nd-5th Grade). During VBS, as the Art Station leader, you are the voice of the station. Before each day begins, you will need to secure the needed supplies for each day from the resource area. Throughout VBS, your role is to guide the children through the art project and incorporate the daily theme/Bible story within the project. One of the art projects will have a mission component, such as writing cards for a local or group or drawing pictures for a nursing home. Also, you are in charge of mapping out and decorating your area on set-up day, breaking down your area on the last day.

Art Station Assistant is responsible for helping out where the Art Station Leader needs assistance each day. This would include helping set up and tearing down the station. During VBS, assist the children with the art project and making sure everyone has the supplies they need and more instruction if they need help with a certain part.

Bible Story Station

Bible Story – each day has a different Bible story/lesson dealing with God’s big world and who we are called to be in God’s world. You’ll be acting these out in different forms each day for the children.

Bible Story Assistant will work with Gay Amos on presenting the Bible Story through a dramatization. Before VBS, you’ll meet with the other Bible Story presenters to assign roles and parts for each day. You’ll also need to be available for rehearsal before VBS and be able to stay after each day to make sure the next day is ready to go.

Music Station

Music Station – Music will be led by Ruth Whatley, Director of Music Ministries at Southminster Presbyterian Church. Ruth will be selecting the music for the week for everyone to learn!

Music Station Assistant – will work with Ruth bringing the music and movement alive. This may include singing songs and teaching dance moves that correlate with the music. Knowing Energizers is a huge plus because these will be done during the welcome portion every day during VBS.

Sound Technician – You’ll help with turning on sound equipment and amplifying any music that is needed throughout VBS. No experience is necessary as you will be trained on the equipment if needed.


The kitchen crew will set up, make, serve, and clean up snack time. Snack time is a huge part of VBS this year because we will be outside, so we’ll need to make sure everyone stays hydrated and refreshed! Snack time is conjoined with recreation and will be the back half of recreation time.


A Sheperd is a small group leader. You will need to be available every day of VBS because you will be with the same group of children throughout the week. There will be two shepherds per group. You will be assigned to one group and move with them to art, movement, story, and music just as a shepherd guides their flock from one place to another. At each station, you will help the station leaders by making sure your group is listening and paying attention. Responsibilities throughout the day includeencouraging your group as they learn that being still doesn’t always mean doing nothing. Shepherds will also remind children about the next day’s theme and collect your group’s lanyards at the end of the day.


Registration team will check in the children each day. During VBS, you’ll collect money from the families and ensure the information they provided matches what we have on file. Before VBS starts, you’ll be responsible for assembling the name badges for volunteers and children. Josh will provide you with all your supplies and printed-out names. You’ll need to put them in lanyards.

Decoration Team

Help with decoration and set up on the Sunday before VBS. You’ll assist all the stations in setting up and seeing what help they need for their decoration. Since we’re outside, we’ll use a lot of our natural landscape of God’s Big World for decorations as well.

Nursery Volunteer

Help Jenny Miller in the nursery during the week for the volunteers who have young ones too little to be part of VBS.

Parking Lot Attendant

Help with traffic flow throughout VBS especially at the beginning and end. We’ll be guarding the entrances throughout the day to the church making sure that people only park in the parking lot near Alex Bell Rd. We’ll be shutting down the Far Hills Entrance because Bible Story and Recreation Station will be using that part of the parking lot.