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The Church Has Left The Building 2020

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This year, instead of having a “Church Has Left the Building” day of service on one Sunday, we are going to spread it out from November 1 through Christmas Eve! Rather than working in large groups at the church, you will be able to choose an activity that works for you in the current reality of the Pandemic.  You can be engaged at home or in the community doing God’s work by yourself, with your family, or with a few “socially distanced” friends! The Mission Team has put together this list of possible activities. Please let us know how you are going to be part of this year’s “The Church Has Left the Building” by sending a quick email to mission@sminster.com or by contacting the office.

Backpacks for Homeless

  • The church will provide the backpacks and a few of the items on the contents list. 
  • You can sign up for one of the backpacks and fill it with the remaining items on the list that the church provides, or you can divide up items with a group of friends.

PDA Disaster Relief Buckets

  • The buckets are aimed at aiding families suffering from natural disasters.  A list of the contents for these buckets is provided on the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s webpage
  • Contact the church office to get a bucket and a list.

Mats For The Homeless

  • This mission involves weaving shopping bags into 4’x8’ sleeping mats for the homeless. 
  • The church will provide volunteers with instructions on how to set up a frame and weave a mat. The mats are light, insulating, water-resistant, dirt-resistant, and bug-resistant. 
  • It takes about 1000 plastic grocery bags, and 20-hours to weave one. 
  • We are looking for the best instructional video, but you can go here for an example.
  • The church set up a grocery bag collection location so you do not have to collect all the bags yourself.

Little Dresses for Africa

  • This is a continuation of a project we have done for the last two years. This would be a great choice for you if you enjoy sewing! The dresses are sent to remote villages in Africa. Click Here to learn more about this international effort.
  • Jean Clements and Linda Wiggers have put together kits for you to pick up with materials and instructions.  They will be available Monday 10/19 from 11-1 for pick up at the front of the church (doors to the Narthex), or you can e-mail mission@sminster.com or contact Jean or Linda directly to make other arrangements. 

Member Generated Initiatives

  • We welcome your own ideas for mission and community service opportunities that could engage the efforts of the Southminster congregation.
  • We hope that families, small groups, or individuals will think of additional outreach activities so that we can add them to our list of possibilities.
  • Just let us know about your idea or about something you are already doing. We will share it with the congregation using a bulletin board on the Southminster website, under “Mission.”  Just send an email about it to mission@sminster.com or contact the church office.

To let us know how you are going to be part of this year’s Church Has Left The Building mission, send a quick email to mission@southmister.org.  Or, give the church office a call at 937-433-1810 and let them know.