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Nominating Team.  The purpose of the Nominating Team is to identify, discern, and nominate members of the congregation to open ordained officer positions on the Session and on the Board of Deacons, for election by the congregation.  In special times, the Nominating Team will nominate members of the congregation to serve on pastor nominating committees, for election by the congregation.

Ministries of the Team are focused on the following:

Election of Team Members.  In the fourth quarter of each fiscal year, the congregation elects six members-at-large to the next year’s Church officer Nominating Team.  Members-at-large shall not be current members of the Session or of the Board of Deacons.  The other members of the Team are two members elected by and from the Session, one of whom is named by the Session as chair, and one member elected by and from the Board of Deacons.  The Pastor/Head of Staff serves as ex officio and without vote.

Nominating Process.  The Nominating Team identifies members of the congregation with the gifts and skills for office.  Ruling Elders shall possess wisdom and maturity of faith and exhibit skills in leadership and compassion.  Deacons shall have a spirit of compassion, witness, and service and skill in spiritual care. The process shall ensure that nominations are broadly representative of the congregation and conform to the church’s commitment to unity in diversity.

Election Process. In the fourth quarter of each fiscal year, the Nominating Team presents a slate of Ruling Elders and Deacons to the congregation which include three-year nominees as well as nominees to fill any unexpired terms, to assure three equal classes.  The maximum consecutive service as a Ruling Elder or as a Deacon is two three-year terms.  The list of nominees will be available to the congregation, in as complete a form as possible, one week in advance of the meeting at which elections are to take place.  While nominations will be equal to the number of positions open, full opportunity will be given to the congregation for nominations from the floor of any member of the congregation; and, if there are nominations from the floor, vote will be by written ballot.
The Team generally meets twice monthly between March and June.

Chair:  Gretchen Cleaves

Reports to:  Session