Our vision: To be the head, heart and hands of Jesus Christ, driven by God’s love for our church and the world beyond.

Worship with us 10:00 a.m. Sundays

Mission Ministries of Southminster

Annual parking lot buildone to two times a year as a three day house framing for those in need in our community in our church parking lot.

F.I.S.H. Food Pantryprovides funding, purchase foods, collect food and deliver food to those in need in our community.

Family Nutrition – Provide instructions and prepare low cost meals to those in need.

The Castle – Provide food for a meal monthly.

Clothes That Work – Collect and deliver professional job interview clothing.

VA Hospital Christmas – Collect, sort and wrap gifts for the veterans at the Dayton VA Hospital.

Emergency Assistance – Provide limited funds and assistance information to congregation members and the community.

House of Bread – Provides funding and collect children’s books for use by Dayton children.

Missionary Support – Provide assistance for church members in theological education and pursuit.

Disaster Relief Offerings – Encourage congregation donations for dis aster relief.

Special Offerings – Oversees the special offerings of the church – One Great Hour of Sharing, Peace Offering, Joy Offering, and the Pentecost Offering.

All of our Mission programs have a place for you and your talents.  Church is not where we attend; church is where we participate to glorify God, to nurture each other and to extend God’s love to the world.  There is a place for you, too!  Contact the church office at 937-433-1810 or email office@sminster.com for more information.

Gretchen Cleaves, Chair

Reports to Session

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