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Hymnal Dedication

Your Worship Team and Session hopes you will help us to add something new to the congregation’s worship experience!

Our denomination’s Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal, was published in 2013.  It is the primary hymnal used across the country by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has been widely acclaimed.


  • It is much easier to read for both the congregation and choir.
  • It contains songs that are currently being sung by the vast majority of Presbyterian churches but are vacant from our services.
  • It has over 800 hymns, psalms and spiritual songs, including a wider variety of communion hymns. It has a musical setting for every Psalm, music from six different continents, and music covering all major historical and contemporary sacred genres, including 35 Gospel hymns.
  • Most congregations, including this one, only sang about half of the hymns in the old blue hymnal (published almost 30 years ago).  The new hymnal takes those most frequently used hymns and adds some of the older hymns that people missed when they were excluded from the blue hymnal.

The traditional way of purchasing hymnals is through its members.  You can purchase one or as many as you choose to donate for our use in worship.  Each book costs $20.

You can give them:

  • in honor of people you know,
  • in memory of a loved one or friend,
  • or just as a gift you want to present to the church.

 Bookplates with this information will be added to the front page of each hymnal. Our goal is 180 hymnals, and the deadline for contributions is Monday, December 17.

ORDER NOW! You can fill out the form below and submit your information electronically or print this page and write on it. Bring your check to the church office or place it in the offering plate, with a note indicating it is for Hymnals. NOTE: Use a separate form for each Hymnal.

If you would like to dedicate a hymnal in memory of someone, please enter the name(s) above.
If you would like to dedicate a hymnal in honor of someone, please enter the name(s) above.
If you would like to present a hymnal in name of someone, please enter the name(s) above.