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Palm Sunday Potluck and Auction for Mission

Sunday April 14th is the 1st Annual Potluck and Auction for Mission:  Seeking artists, musicians, crafters, photographers, memorabilia, time and everyone’s favorite…gift baskets!!!  The mission team is working hard to expand our Head, Heart and Hands to our community and we want your help!  Seeking items for silent and live auction; consider donating your talent or help us secure items from those you know can help us achieve our goals this year! 


1) Donate to the Auction! Ideally, donations will be hand-made, home-made, a service or something like the things on the list of DONATION IDEAS (download here). Also, you or you and a few friends could put together a gift basket. There is a long list of BASKET IDEAS, you can (download here). Tammy Caskey can even offer you some ideas about what to put in your basket and where you might get businesses to donate gift certificates, etc.

As soon as possible, complete the signup form below or contact Tammy Caskey at mission@sminster.com or to let her know what item, service, or basket you plan to offer. (If someone else is already doing your idea, she may suggest something else.)

2) Help with set-up, setting out food, or clean up: As soon as possible, complete the signup form below or contact Gretchen Cleaves at gretchenchurch2@gmail.com

if you can help with:

  • Set Up , Saturday night, April 13 at 6 p.m.
  • Setting out food: Sunday 9 a.m.
  • Clean Up: after event on Sunday

3) Attend! Please sign up to come to the auction! As soon as possible, complete the signup form below or you can contact the church at gretchenchurch2@gmail.com.


Contact our Mission Team Chair, Elder Kevin Dickson at mission@sminster.com or you can talk to him at church!

We are hoping that this will be an opportunity for our congregation to come together for a wonderful cause! As our publicity leader, Jason Schenck put it, “The Mission Team is working hard to expand our Head, Heart and Hands to our community and we want your help!”

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