Our vision: To be the head, heart and hands of Jesus Christ, driven by God’s love for our church and the world beyond.

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Compassion & Assistance

This team helps care for the people of Southminster by reaching out to them with tangible items of caring, as well as supporting activities that promote health and wellness of body and spirit. The Compassion and Assistance Team has oversight for following ministries:

AED/CPR Training and Oversight
This ministry helps to ensure that attendees of events at Southminster can be responded to with proper emergency care in the event of certain unexpected health crises.

Anxiety/Depression Group
This ministry allows for a peer-led group of people to meet casually on a regular basis to discuss a variety of mental health issues, coping strategies, and treatments.  No formal therapy or counseling is provided, but the purpose of the group is to be a sanctuary where people can come to see that they are not alone in their struggle and that real progress can be made in living with mental illness.

College Care Packages
This ministry provides packages to college students who are away from home to let them know their home congregation is thinking of them.

Flu Prevention Clinic
Provides an opportunity for anyone to receive an annual flu vaccine, done in coordination with a local pharmacy.

Grief Support Group
This ministry offers a monthly opportunity for people at Southminster, and friends, to gather to support one another after experiencing deep loss.  Their purpose is to provide Christ-led fellowship, support, and information for people on a grief journey.  The basis of this group is the book Tear Soup, and the group calls itself The Soup Group.

Hometouch Letters
This ministry provides continued connection to people who are not able to attend Southminster physically by sending weekly letters to them.  These letters share interesting details about life and ministry at Southminster and include Bible readings and a devotional message.

Needlecraft Group
The people involved with this ministry create hand-made items to distribute to those within and outside of Southminster who would benefit from such, as reminders that they are blessed and being prayed for.

Sanctuary Lambs
This ministry places plush toy lambs in the Sanctuary to be taken by anyone who needs one for love and support. The lambs are reminders that they are lambs cared for by the Good Shepherd, Jesus.

Share Your Garden
This ministry provides an opportunity for gardeners and plant-lovers to share the results of their efforts with others; with  optional financial contributions benefiting Southminster’s food pantry.  This may include sharing perennials or houseplants in the spring and produce in the summer.

Take Them a Meal Program
This ministry provides a coordinated method for people within Southminster to provide meals over a short period of time to another person within Southminster.  This can be helpful during a recovery period after a hospital stay or other need that limits the ability to prepare meals.

Tangible Items of Prayer and Blessing
This ministry makes and distributes small blankets and shawls to those people needing something to remind them of God’s caring warmth for His people. The Needlecraft Group contributes to this ministry.

Chair: Joanne Yost

Reports to: Deacons