Our vision: To be the head, heart and hands of Jesus Christ, driven by God’s love for our church and the world beyond.

Worship with us 10:00 a.m. Sundays

Past Events

Soup Group / Grief Group

The next Soup Group gathering will be this Thursday in the Coffee Corner. The church doors will be unlocked for your convenience. We will be continuing our study of Dr. Wolfelt’s book, Understanding Your Grief. Bring your own lunch and I will have coffee or tea for everyone. I look forward to our fellowship this Thursday.Jane Hancock

“Flowers for Triennium” Sale

Youth will be selling flowers on Sunday, May 12 to support their trip to the Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Flowers will be for sale by the stem in the Narthex after worship. Makes a perfect gift for mother’s day or for another special person in your life.

Heritage Sunday

After our Heritage Sunday worship, follow the pipes and drums downstairs for a potluck lunch complete with Ode to the Haggis. Bring a potluck dish celebrating your heritage or a heritage of your choice. Shepherd’s pie and Scottish Bangers will be provided. Join us for good food and great fellowship.


Debe Dockins from the Washington-Centerville Public Library will present the program, “Make’em Laugh” and laugh you will. This presentation highlights our favorite comedians of years ago such as Lucille Ball, Dick VanDyke and other of their contemporaries. It will be a delightful time of reliving their wonderful sitcoms and the joy they brought to us and our families. Ah-h-h, the memories!

A Day of Renewal

Dr. TIm Doty will return to the Day of Renewal on Wednesday May 1. Prior attendees can testify that the program he chooses will be informative and entertaining. You have heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls Yet what do you know about them? Pharisees the Sadducees the Essenes and the early Christian church were alternative paths in the context of ancient Judaism,…

Be Calm, Be Confident – Anxiety Workshop for Youth

Do you struggle with anxiety? Do you sometimes wish you could be more confident? This two hour workshop will help you understand your anxiety and develop a toolbox to draw from when you’re feeling anxious (think art, music, breathing… finding what works for you!). Then, we’ll get moving to boost our self-confidence as we learn some basic self-defense strategies. Fairmont Presbyterian Youth…

Inquirer’s Class

Interested in learning more about Southminster? Possibly interested in membership? If so, please join us after worship at 11:30 a.m. for a gathering with the pastors and members of the church who would like to listen to your questions and share their perspectives on our congregation.

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