Our vision: To be the head, heart and hands of Jesus Christ, driven by God’s love for our church and the world beyond.

Worship with us 10:00 a.m. Sundays

Building & Grounds

The purpose of the Building and Grounds Team is to see to the maintenance of the physical plant of the Church and the surrounding grounds. The Team sets short- and long-term goals for the building and grounds and works with the Finance Team and the Session to set appropriate budget guidelines.

The ministry of the Team is to be good stewards of the beautiful facility we have been entrusted to care for to be used for the worship and glorification of God and his Holy work.

The Team meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 7 P.M.

Team members are: Jim Amos, Steve Campbell, Jerry Craig, Jerry Stahley, Dan Strayer, and John Woods. You may contact the chair, Linda Meily, at linda.meily@gmail.com

Chair: Linda Meily

Reports to: Session