Failure to abide by these rules will be grounds for termination of facility use and denial of any future request.


1.      The person(s) requesting use of the facilities is expected to be in attendance at the function and to act as the responsible representative of the group (unless an alternate has been specifically approved).  Such individual(s) and their organization shall be responsible for damage or loss to church property caused by or related to their usage of church facilities.  It shall be understood that the church does not assume any responsibility for property brought onto church property by any person, group, or organization.


2.      Approval of any request for use of church facilities DOES NOT constitute or imply any endorsement or sponsorship of the activity by Southminster Church, and any publicity or advertising about the event must not state or imply Southminster endorsement or sponsorship. 


3.      Facilities may not be used for partisan, recruiting, or fund-raising activities without Session approval.


4.      No alcoholic beverages or gambling are permitted.


5.      No smoking is allowed in the church building.  If group members smoke outside, they must remain 25’ from any entrance.  All discarded smoking materials must be extinguished and placed in an outside waste container.


6.      No animals are permitted in the building without prior approval except those allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act.


7.      Facilities must be vacated by 10:00 P.M. (unless special arrangements have been approved). 


8.      No candles may be used except non-drip candles or oil wick candles provided by SPC.  These should be requested prior to a scheduled event.


9.      Youth groups must provide a minimum of 2 adult chaperones for the first 15 youths.  If more than 15 youths are present, one additional adult must be in attendance for each 10 youth in attendance.  One adult should be identified as the one responsible for behavior and any problems resulting.


10.  Decorations SHALL NOT be nailed or thumb tacked to any surface.  If decorations are used, discretion shall be exercised to avoid damage.  All decorations must be completely removed immediately following the activity unless specific approval has been given for delay.  All decorations must comply with all applicable Federal, State, City, and Township fire and safety regulations.


11.  Because of carpet staining, beverages containing artificial red coloring agents shall not be used.


12.  To avoid a Custodial Service Charge rooms must be returned to their original condition.  A cleaning fee will be charged for the use of the CFC kitchen unless waived by the Building and Grounds Committee.


13.  SPC reserves the right to have a representative attend any event held in its facilities and the right to terminate any event that is not conducted in a manner becoming a House of God.


14.  Signatures on the request application and these rules indicate review and acceptance of them.


I have read and agree to the rules above.  Initial:  _________

I also agree to be in attendance during the entire duration of the event and to act as the responsible representative of the group.


Signed:  _____________________________                    Date:  ___________