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As we worship God and learn together, we are called to respond to God through our work in the church and in the world. Whether it is through serving on a Council, committee, or work group; whether you are visiting the sick or serving as an usher; whether you are working as a small group leader or providing financial support to the church, these are all ways of serving as stewards. Using our gifts to serve is the essential third step in the process of growing to spiritual maturity.

Mission Ministries of Southminster

  • House of Bread – local soup kitchen, teams from SPC serve once a month.
  • The Castle – mental health outreach, SPC donates food monthly
  • Family Nutrition Program – cooking club with food pantry recipients
  • FISH Food Pantry – local pantry that delivers to recipients
  • Food 2 Go/Food for Summer – food for Centerville children on weekends
  • Community Meal – free monthly meal at SPC, third Wed. of the month
  • Special Offerings – taken throughout the year, special donations also made to local ministries
  • Alternative Gift Market – local and international causes, raised $85,000 to date
  • Clothes that Work – clothes for individuals looking to interview who need professional clothing
  • Habitat for Humanity – Blitz Week each May to start a house, also take lunch
  • Mexican Church Relationship – in progress with Torres’ church

All of our mission programs have a place for you! Call the church office, or email for more information!

Click here if you are interested in Serving people in the community and world around us.

Click here if you are interested in using your gifts Serving as a Steward within the church.

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