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Inviting to Worship

Jesus invites us into a deep, personal, living relationship with God.

Any relationship with God is fundamentally a matter of worship. We do not approach God as equals, but rather as creatures that trust in God’s grace and stand in awe of God’s greatness.

Worship isn’t simply a matter of attending worship services, but rather a way of approaching life. It means seeing God at work in your daily activities, and inviting God to work in you and through you. Worship truly is a relationship.

At Southminster, we invite people to take the first step of spiritual growth by entering into a worshipful relationship with God. This happens in many ways, but finds its fullest expression in our weekly worship services and in our personal prayer and devotion.

We hope that you will take the first step and join us in worshiping God.

Southminster’s worship services regularly take place on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.  Our worship follows a structure, but is also relaxed and infused with humility and humor. The music includes both traditional hymns and more recent praise music.

To learn more about our worship services, click here.

To learn more about personal prayer and devotion, click here for an Online daily prayer with visuals.

January 8, 2017: The Gospel That Includes Everyone. Romans 2:1–5, 3:21–26

Pastor Steve's Sermon from October 23, 2016

Audio copies of some recent sermons are available below.

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